Priorities for spending time

My Priorities for spending time 
Firstly Health.
Secondly Office/Profession (within office timings).
Thirdly Children.

On holidays and after office hours children is moved to second.
Anything is after the above, anything means anything.

I clearly know that once children complete their schooling, even if they want, they cannot allocate time to you, furthermore if hostel is preferred, they will play guest role in our own home, viz., my elder daughter just now completed her tenth class, as already foreseen she became busy in her studies.

How to spend time with children.
Primarily as the below apart from playing.
Explaining the mentalities of different people and how we handled them which includes negatives and positives. This will play vital role for them as whom to be skipped and whom to be considered. Take examples of your own relatives/friends who also known to children.