JanataCurfew IntermittentFasting

This is the Right Time to do Intermittent Fasting (Subject to your health condition & Under your family doctors observation).

Firstly avoids excess food intake.
No need to spend too much time in Kitchen.
Lot of time is saved, cooking time, serving time, and also eating time, try to spend saved time towards your family members and see the results.

How to spend?
Just & Just  Chit Chat & Chit Chat after seeing the results (family bonding) you will surprise.


Good Morning

Is having siblings is waste of time & money? from parents view.

You get every relationship in outside world but you cannot get siblings.
I can never understand why siblings; 
Fight for property
Fight for ego.
Having siblings is waste of time & money if above persists. 
I know many people who decided with single child to avoid fights. Staying in Gated Communities to avoid loneliness for child

I am(47) blessed with one sister(44) and one brother(41). We never had any type of clashes.
My self and my brother stay together as joint family along with our parents.
Many people asked the secret. 
We do not have any ego.
We do not calculate too much (I use bath soap of 100/- my brother use 20/- and vice versa for many things). No particular division of work among us, but only doing as situation demands, with honestly